Sir Noble

Despite his royal lineage, he dabbles in common pursuits such as napping, crapping and rapping.

Sir Chipper

This aristocrat with a sense of privilege gets

all “verklempt” at the sight of pup chips that

he often hyperventilates


This temptress refuses to do much of anything until it’s your day off to sleep in, then she meows, scratches and fusses until she gets all the attention she thinks she deserves.


... of Precision...Takes guff from no one because his ego is inversely proportionate to his size.


... aka Popeye... He’s strong to the finish never cared much for his spinach but dreams of tasty treats by day and night.

Jenna & Pepper

World’s worst guard dogs, unless thieves are afraid of overwhelming affection.


That look says it all. I will keep that mouse on the run but it’s my kitchen and I’ll perch where I please.


A big dreamer. Chases butterflies on walks. Often gets picked on for his love of literature and poetry.


Same sense of lawlessness as mobster Capone. Maniacally jumps trash cans, chases UPS trucks and creates all kinds of neighborhood mayhem. Do not take your eyes off this pup.


This feline just loves to be brushed, then when you’re done, she brushes you off - Go figure.


A blue blood that refuses to chase tennis balls, guard the house or greet you upon arrival, but what a charmer.


Loves the trampoline, especially your stomach while

your napping.


This fellow has no regard for convention. Loves nothing more than a fine Cognac, Cuban cigar and a bevy of female companionship.


This Senior Citizen loves to dispense pearls of wisdom to the younger tomcats. He complains, however, that they all have short attention spans.

Consider That Done


Consider That Done


Words cannot describe how sweet and lovable this pup is and with those eyes she’s broken many a heart.

       Consider That Done


       335 Whitley Park Drive

      Atlanta, Georgia 30350-1158

       770 317-8540



Can’t you see I’m meditating here; just vibing to the scene, man. Where’s the catnip, dude?


Oops - I hacked a furball - I think I’ll hide under here until the vacuuming stops.